Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I intially opened up a ” ” Guitar Center ” ‘ store credit card and purchaed a few items such as Microphones and Recording gear for my hime studio.

What has been so extremely frustrated is and it has been a rather lwngthy time ago 9-12+ months for example.

I called the XXXX or XXXX dumber and paid the full remaining bance ( incuding a applicable late fees ).

I called them directly and mentioned I ‘d like to pay off the remaining balance in full. Something like $ XXXX- {$450.00} perhaps in the middle.

The rep reassured me everything has been handled and I now have a {$0.00} bance which was the purlose of calling to settle it.

The gentlemen confirmed you have paid the balance in full. I even asked him 3 times.

At its its root the problem is, is they still say I owe a balance and havent purchased anything, yet I keel getting bills.

If they could simply pull the date of my final payment and physically pull the call ( essentially mayching final payment with the date ). It will clearly show firsthand that the rep said I was now paid in full!

I need this to be removed from my report, not that it was late, which it was, but the balance had and has been paid XXXX % in full as the balance commensurate the orecise date I caled in and paid them would reflect that.

I need this off my report and my # XXXX … please pull the callor at minimum look at the last amount/date of final payment whuch I called in and provided my debit card over them phone will reflect the conversation on that date. Id enckurage you to listen to the call .thanks, XXXX

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