Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had a XXXX account that went to collections approximately 4 years ago which was included in a Chapter XXXX Bankruptcy that was subsequently discharged. I had my credit run the other day and noticed the prior collection agency ” Sold ” my account to ” Convergent Outsourcing ”. This company reported the discharged debt as a ” NEW COLLECTION ”. I was NEVER notified regarding the debt either. I happen to have my credit checked and discovered this disturbing reporting. I know that it is illegal for a Collection agency to report to credit bureaus as a ” NEW ” debt. I also checked the report at the recent inquiries and their information was NOT there either!
I am requesting this be completely removed from ALL XXXX of the credit bureaus. This is a violation of my rights and violates the FCRA as well, not to mention this has affected my personal credit in a negative way.

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