Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XX/XX/XXXX I was approved on an individual basis for an XXXX XXXX credit card through XXXX. According to Regulation Z page XXXX ( under XXXX years of age ) and page XXXX ( under limitations on fees ), I was approved on an improper basis. I was under XXXX at the time, with no income, job, or assets. My ex fiance at the time was also approved for a card on an individual basis in which he was much older than me with his own business, house, mortgage, car payments. He paid for everything minus what little cash I obtained from doing paper work for his business at the time to pay on this credit card with an APR of more than 25 %. I feel that I have paid enough interest and actual payments on this debt to cover the whole {$2800.00}. I was n’t actually earning my own income until XX/XX/XXXX. In the meantime I had gone to school and obtained my own job. I now am a XXXX only able to work 10-15 hours/week, car loan payments through my bank, a personal loan I paid off 2 years ago for an internet scam I was involved in, monthly rent, electrical bills, phone bill, tuition loans I have through my college. Not to mention I am on government food service assistance. This debt that I was more than loyal to for years should be relinquished. There is no way I can afford this amount whether it be in small payments or not. I have paid my share and feel that I was approved for this credit card in error from the beginning, based on my ex fiances assets and credit score. As if being a XXXX is n’t stressful enough, I have been stressing about his debt that is hurting my credit score!

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