Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX had always charged me XXXX per month then all of the sudden i was charged XXXX. I called my credit card company to dispute the difference of {$23.00} to bring my bill back to XXXX. The credit card company credited me back {$23.00} and they never contacted XXXX as the {$23.00} amount was too low for the bank to pursue XXXX to give them that money back. XXXX was made aware of this and they told me i was lying. I then called my credit card company and told them what was going on, so we decided to call XXXX together. XXXX again said i was lying and then they were made aware the bank was on the other line recording the phone call. The bank told XXXX that indeed i had disputed {$23.00} but that they should n’t try to come after me because the bank wrote off the {$23.00}. Nonetheless XXXX repedetely threatened me to send me to collections and today i received a collection bill in the amount of {$80.00} after repeditely disputing the debt with XXXX. So basically, XXXX charged my card {$62.00} and i disputed {$23.00}, the bank then wrote off the {$23.00} and somehow XXXX found out and tried to come after me for the full {$62.00} and today i got a collections bill for {$80.00}. I have copies of the credit card statement and my bank has a recorded phone call and yet XXXX continues to try to collect something they are not entitled to and now this collection is on my credit. I filed complains with the BBB and they told the BBB to XXXX. I wan na sue XXXX for fraud and cohersion! furthermore, the original charge was {$62.00} and now they sent me to collections for {$69.00} AND a collection fee of {$11.00}! what is wrong with these crimminals?!

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