Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I paid a medical debt online to the California XXXX XXXX and a confirmation email receipt was received. Neither the collection company nor the original debtor ( XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ) would honor the receipt, despite proof of payment. The debt company representative called me and he threatened to ” destroy ” me and ruin my credit and said ” You ‘d better give me your information and pay or else I will destroy you! ” He continued to harass and me and frightened me. I was concerned for my safety. Of course I did not want to give him any additional personal information. I was shocked by the call. I contacted XXXX XXXX ( hospital ) and told them what happened and they said they would not allow California XXXX XXXX to contact me anymore and they asked for the email showing proof of payment. I provided the email with proof of payment many months ago and I am now again receiving collections letters from California XXXX XXXX demanding payment with interest. I do not want to contact them again to try and resolve because I am afraid of continued harassment and that they will seek to destroy my credit, and for a debt I paid. I ‘m also concerned XXXX XXXX is not working productively with their contractors and are hiring unprofessional contractors who harass and threaten people to collect debt, and then XXXX wo n’t accept their financial payment verification and are now asking for XXXX payment.

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