Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

ID Theft was used to open a fraudulent account with XXXX XXXX. the person paid for awhile then stopped, so XXXX XXXX turned it over to Amsher Collection Services. I provided all the required paperwork ( police report, FTC affidavit, etc ) to XXXX XXXX to verify it was not me ( especially since the TV service was in a state I have never lived in! ). XXXX XXXX provided me a letter stating their investigation confirms I am not responsible for the account. When I filed a dispute with XXXX five months later ( since Amsher STILL had not removed the item ), even supplying the credit bureau with a copy of the XXXX letter stating I was not liable for the account. Amsher Collection Services refused to remove the item from my credit report and will not change it. It makes no sense. The company that turned the debt over to Amsher Collection Services admits the account was set up fraudulently, but yet Amsher Collection Services refuses to remove it from my credit report.

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