Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Portfolio recovery Associates of XXXX, Calif. have repeatedly sent me calls regarding a past due delinquent loan account payment that is not mine. insisting that i set up a payment plan with them and settle this matter without further interest payment increases. I was offered several options as i repeatedly interrupted and proclaimed that it was n’t mine.
i told the person that there are many people out there with my name because it was very common, if they could please re-verify it once again. I was told ” our system, clearly shows sir, that you have a balance of {$1200.00}, ” How would you like to make a payment today sir? Debit or Credit Card or check over the phone using your router number and checking account? What amount are you paying today sir. I did n’t have time to speak. I finally said, NOTHING!! I told you, I do not have a XXXX Account that is still open, I had one, but it was closed out. it was an auto loan. i said, send me to court! i will prove that you are wrong. She said, we ca n’t take you to court sir. then why are you calling me? i ‘m on the ‘ do not call list!! but you owe us this money sir, it was a loan in your name. you still owe this amount, plus interest. i hung up. i really did n’t think they meant to speak to me.

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