Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My letter to MCM – Midland Credit Management , Inc. : MCM – Midland Credit Management , Inc. XX/XX/XXXXTo whom it may concern, I have been receiving these types of letters since last year XX/XX/XXXX. I have also spoken to XXXX different representatives on your end in regards to this. The XXXX times that I have called XXXX representatives were unable to provide information but the following:1. The account was opened in XX/XX/XXXX ( I was only XXXX ).
2. The account name is ” Structure ”. ( What is ” Structure ”? NOBODY can explain to me what ” Structure ” is? ).

My thoughts, concerns and question is WHY after 11 years was this being brought to my attention in XX/XX/XXXX? Why ca n’t anyone from MCM tell me what this account/credit/ ” Structure ” was for/is?
I have XXXX DEBT under my name. I have ran my credit reports yearly and most recently back in XX/XX/XXXX and have never seen any of this?

If MCM and nobody on the business end can provide me with any of the following information to explain to me who, what, when this account was and what it was? I wish that MCM make no more contact or communication with me and wish to please be forgiven of this mysterious ” debt ” I owe in the amount of {$990.00}. I have done all that I can do by receiving these letters, following up with MCM and I get the same run around with no answers to my questions and especially this ” debt ” going on 11 years now.

Again I am asking you to please forgive me of the above debt. This has been a hassle for the last year on my end. Nobody can provide me with any type of paperwork, documentation, signature or what ” Structure ” is?

Until further notice please do not contact me via mail or phone.

I thank you kindly for your time and patience in regards to receiving and reading this letter!

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