Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had a credit card Supposedly opened for XXXX XXXX 5 years ago when I was just a XXXX in college on XXXX vacation. I was not aware that it was an actual credit card, the cashier made it seem like just a promotion that the store had going on at that time. I only spent {$25.00} on a pair of shoes that I was originally paying in cash. All of a sudden late payments kept getting piled up, and that ‘s how I have an unpaid balance of {$160.00}, which I was unaware of, now on my credit report. I never even activated the card!! I was tricked into thinking I was getting a deal on a pair of shoes! The credit card is delinquent and showing up as bad credit and highly affecting my score before I had the chance to discover and build good credit on my own.

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