Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

None of above ” Best describes ”!
From a recent message sent to the Georgia Dept of Law ( of which can NOT handle such cases ), re XXXX County Magistrate Court enabling such behavior of XXXX XXXX : ” This is in re to a large number of XXXX XXXX cases handled here, by a law firm in XXXX GA!
Is there a payoff? Payola?
My situation : I have a XXXX handled debt that I have actually PAID off, and even an OVERPAYMENT!!!
I am XXXX years old, on SSA XXXX, the past 3+ years I have over paid the {$1500.00} as agreed upon in the 2013 Consent Judgment – however there were 4 months in which my monthly recurring payments ( checks automatically withdrawn ) did not clear the bank ( this cost me {$35.00} @ time )!
Hand written on this consent judgment by the XXXX attorney is : ” … $ XXXX/month, beginning XXXX/XXXX/13 and continuing by the XXXX of each month thereafter until the {$1500.00} ” then the printed ” is paid in full. ” Morally and should be legally I have honored this! Yet, I filed a ‘Relief from Judgment ‘ of which was denied by the XXXX Magistrate Court !!!??? Since my case was in dispute my hearing was delayed until after the XXXX+ non-contested XXXX XXXX cases, handled by law firm of XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX GA!
Online you can see very much anguish by people because of XXXX XXXX …
They prey on people of modest income that can not afford an attorney!!!
This is BULLYING – is it not!?
This is Vexation Litigation – is it not!?
I had good credit – then while self-employed my health got bad, and i was no longer able to gainfully work!
As a result my credit suffered when I was unable to pay some debt – of which I have worked hard to repay all that I could! …
The XXXX Co Magistrate Court certainly seems to be enabling the XXXX XXXX law firm and XXXX take advantage of people of modest means – in effect BULLYING them legally! Oppressing these folks that have perhaps suffered injury or health concerns and become unable to pay off their debt! Ca n’t some means of humanely methods be used for debt collection, without BULLYING folks!? ” From a recent letter to the Chief Magistrate ( newly elected ) : ” Notice : they NEVER INTENDED to honor the Consent Judgment, it seems clear!!!
I have already sent to you copies that should prove this claim!
Mockery of justice!? Mockery of XXXX Judicial system!?
Vexatious litigation!?
Bullying of XXXX County citizens, and allowed and supported by this court!? ” That is : their statements NEVER reflected the agreed amount in the Consent Judgment!!!

Prior to XXXX XXXX I had been voluntarily paying this debt to another agency, with no problems! Then XXXX XXXX got involved …

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