Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Briefly – I was given a XXXX machine for XXXX XXXX, which did not work and was returned. I was promised a refund but when I showed with my XXXX machine but the only person to receive my machine was an assistant ( who I had never seen before ). She stated that the XXXX principals were not in ( even though I just talked with them by phone ) and that they did not have to be present to refund my {$500.00} deposit as they would refund my charge card from the info I had already provided. Not only did I not received my refund as promised, they then sent me a bill in XXXX for {$700.00} and sent me to collections as the same time. I informed the collection agency of the problem I was having but they informed me that their only responsibility/concern was to collect. Please help. Thank you!

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