Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

i opened a discover card in my name in XXXX it was paid every month till XXXX. I broke XXXX and I knew I had insurance thru discover that would make my payments, I called discover and they did make them. I went back to work XXXX for XXXX yrs but the strain XXXX and the work load I had I became very ill I could not do my job safely for me XXXX. I had a XXXX! I ended up in a terrible state of mind. Then my husband XXXX another car on XXXX he was out of work XXXX then his co. after XXXX fired him the day before XXXX. We ended up consuladating our credit cards with XXXX XXXX and made all those payments lived on our XXXX and I have been on XXXX since XXXX. I had insurance on the discover card that was to cover ; consumers to insure repayment of loan if the borrower dies, becomes ill XXXX. So I called them, they told me I cancelled my policy! Why in the world would I do that!! I ‘m XXXX and I have no money. Now here we are nothing from discover all this time. we used to make XXXX figure income. My husband works for {$17.00} hr. I still am on XXXX. I know now that discover was sued and had sold XXXX XXXX people the same insurance they did me which was no good. THAT IS NOT MY FAULT, plus they sent my husband a card added his name and their wallet protection plan some time in XXXX never signed anything.So now I believe discover sold the debt to Hood and XXXX Attorney out of Arkansas. They file XXXX a wage garnishment for 25 % of my husbands check in XXXX XXXX. A writ sent to XXXX XXXX for garnishment and we had no knowledge of any thing till his check was short. Then we ask for a stay till we could go to court, we are at XXXX and go to the church on Tues for food. Our house had to go thru the XXXX loan with XXXX we went from XXXX left to to 30 yrs and our payment is still {$1100.00}. Our meds cost so much and to just live. ok so even after me filing the stay they continued to delay paper work I called at least 3 times. out of XXXX checks they took over {$1000.00} out, the Judge ruled {$150.00} a month not {$500.00} so then I was over drawn at the bank on our house payment and it made me late on paying other bills. so there is late fees and we could not get our meds which endangers my life. my electric was on cut off and I have XXXX at night, I ‘m so nervous and upset my XXXX is worse and it has got my XXXX so stirred up my husband had to hide our XXXX cause i get so upset and obcessed I just want to check out I cant handle it.. Then XXXX and XXXX sent XXXX refund check back. It was refunded to me only XXXX XXXX. XXXX XXXX XXXX. a firm for discover also sent refund check XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX all in my name not my husbands. How can they garnish my husbands wages but yet the card was in my name. The Attorn know they ca n’t take my XXXX. So they continue to take from his check and he is not even getting a regular XXXX hr a week. We eat XXXX meal a day. How can they do this, I know both these Attorney firms have been in trouble for their collection practices. I know Discover should have been paid it ‘s not my fault and its not fair to garnish his wages and there are so many other things wrong with this whole thing from Discover on down. Please I ‘m begging them to stop please just stop all of them It ‘s been XXXX I cut up every card we had including Discover. They charged me for XXXX They should owe us for all this mess.

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