Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XX/XX/XXXX I got a call from XXXX and they said they collecting for XXXX okay. I first set up payments paying XXXX that day with my debit card. That night my husband and I talked about it and pulled money from savings and I called back the next day and paid off the balance. So the full balance was paid XX/XX/XXXX. I have them both on my statements. So they say – we will send you a letter blah blah. Well we are in the middle of moving since my husband was separating from the XXXX, and to be honest kinda forgot about the letter. Fast forward 3 months and we are trying to buy a house. My lender pulls our credit report low and behold- a new collection account popped was reported XX/XX/XXXX- and blows our credit score way down. I was furious we had an offer on the house and waiting to close. I called XXXX, and ask why was this reported XX/XX/XXXX when we paid it in XXXX!! All they said was sorry we will updated the balance to {$XXXX}! No I said I need it removed. She said sorry we do n’t do deletes here. You just cost me my house! and they refuse to remove it even when I paid it 3 months ago!! How can they report it AFTER it was paid.

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