Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was part of a class action lawsuit against XXXX : a mortgage company that I obtained a loan from. I was experiencing a financial hardship and signed up for the Home Affordable Modification Program ( HAMP ) with XXXX that promised to provide me with a reduced loan payment. This experience was a nightmare! XXXX kept demanding more paper work from me, more check stubs, more proof of hardship, advised me that my paperwork was incomplete … to make a long story short, my family and I never received the assistance and as a result lost our home early XXXX.

In XXXX I was contacted by a firm that advised that XXXX mishandled my family and I and that I was eligible for monies due to us being rejected for the loan modification / homeowner saver loan. I was instructed to complete paperwork that summarized my experience ( which I complied ) and my family and I was awarded {$500.00}. This was a settlement amount that I was informed, that I could not later on sue for additional damages. Not expecting this and experiencing devastating financial hardship, this was a welcome amount.

Year later ( XXXX ), ClearSpring Loan Services began sending me paper work alleging that I owe them {$11000.00}. I advised them that I never had a relationship with them and owe them no monies. They advised that this was a XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX I received. I advised them that I never received a Home Saver Loan ; because had I, I would still be in my home. I further advised them that I lost my home in XXXX. Requested that they send me any paperwork that I signed, that would show I have any connection with them …. ClearSprings was not able to produce any signed paperwork ; however they did send me some documents and advised me that I ” digitally signed ”. I stressed to them that I received NO MONIES from them, no benefit, and no homesaver assistance. ClearSprings advised me that they did n’t send the monies to me ; they sent it directly to my mortgage company. I advised them that they would need to seek a refund from my mortgage company then, because XXXX displaced my family and I and we no longer had a home. I have requested ClearSprings to discontinue calling me and demanding monies from me for a service I did not receive and/or benefit from. They continue to do so.

My family and I lost our home and it was a devastating thing to go through. To find out that we were mishandled and could have had our home saved is even more devastating. To be harassed and victimized again : with a payment demand from a company that did not provide us with services is horrific. My family and I are working hard to recover from our loss and are re-building our future and credit to hopefully become home-owners again. I need ClearSprings and their partners to cease and desist with these harassing activities of payment demands.

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