Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Received a call from a man stating he was with XXXX about a month ago, stated I had received a payday loan from them in 2013 and that I only made XXXX payments. I do not know anything about this and told this man so, I also informed him that I was a victim of identity theft in 2013. I was contacted on a phone number that was not in use in 2013 and have no clue how he obtained my current phone number. He proceeded to name things on my credit report, my address and such, I was totally freaked out and hung up. Not too long later, I started getting calls on my work number from XXXX XXXX, also a number that was not even in conception in my life in 2013, different employer, do not know how they obtained this information. I called back once, told the guy the same thing I told the original guy, notified him this debt was not mine and if they felt they need to proceed with legal action that I welcomed it. Received voicemails from a XXXX XXXX requesting me to contact her with my availability and basically an appointment to be served, who seriously does that, are thugs going to show up at my door instead? Also this morning, they called and left a mail on my daughters phone stating that I refused to sign for being served for legal action. I do n’t know how they got my daughters phone but that is extremely inappropriate. I found this company is XXXX XXXX and not even licensed. They need to be stopped!!

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