Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I obtained XXXX XXXX services in XXXX XXXX against the advice of nearly everyone I knew. In XXXX XXXX, my fianc and I bought a house together, so I cancelled my contract with XXXX XXXX. Given I had a two year contract, I knew I ‘d have to pay a penalty for canceling early. Given I was contractually bound to XXXX for two years, I paid the cancellation fee. XXXX XXXX sent me prepaid boxes in which to send back the equipment they had rented me. I followed the instructions exactly and left the equipment on my porch to be picked up as was instructed. It was picked up. Sometime after that, I started receiving collections calls related to not paying for the equipment. I followed up with XXXX and they refused to speak to me since the account had already been turned over to collections. Say what? After arguing with XXXX and the collection agency for several months, my wife finally paid it so that it would n’t go against our credit. We went to apply for a mortgage for a new house today and guess what! My credit is XXXX – and that XXXX fee that for equipment that I RETURNED and eventually PAID FOR just to get them to leave me alone is lowering my credit by nearly XXXX points!! Given we are applying for a jumbo loan, this is catastrophic because now we no longer qualify!. I explained to my mortgage officer what happened and she mentioned to me that this is common with XXXX and XXXX – that after you return the equipment they continue to hound you for fees you do not owe. She suggested that I file a complaint through consumer finance.

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