Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX 2014, I completed a form on XXXX ‘s website to explore possible bundling of services for cable, internet, and phone. I never received a response to my inquiry so I elected to keep my phone and internet with XXXX and set up cable with XXXX. Later, a technician from XXXX came to my house. I was not at home and my young son opened the door and allowed him to enter our home. My son told him that his parents were not home. Shockingly, the technician stayed in my home with my XXXX year old son. The technician plugged a modem in our sunroom which resulted in us having no phone or internet service. I contacted XXXX immediately to report this travesty. An agent assured me that someone would come out to repair our service. XXXX never sent a technician. I continued to call XXXX many, many times about this problem. Each time, the agent told me that a technician would be dispatched. It never happened! Thankfully, XXXX was able to repair the damage caused by XXXX. I was furious when I received a bill from XXXX. Not only did I never receive any service from XXXX, but we had to pay XXXX to repair damage done by the XXXX technician. When I rightfully refused to pay XXXX any money, XXXX contracted with a collection agency. XXXX never followed up on any of my phone calls and never sent a technician to repair the damage caused by its techician.


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