Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I have documents that prove without a doubt that the collection account placed on my credit report was done in error.I have been trying to get this negative collection account removed from my credit report for awhile now .I asked XXXX XXXX to help me since the collection company will not do anything they are just rude and hang up on me .I have sent them documentation proving that this debt is not mine, but they continue to keep it on my credit.XXXX did remove the file upon receiving the documents sent from me showing that this is clearly not my debt.XXXX and XXXX have not.I really do not understand how this is such a difficult process. The consumer clearly has no rights and the credit bureau does not seem to be in favor of the consumer that is being affected by wrong information even when they have the proof in front of them.I have had to spend money to hire someone to try and help me get this false information off my credit.What can I do I guess I will have to sue someone if something is not done. This is effecting my credit, getting a job in the profession I want to be in, and in trying to buy a house.I have asked for proof from the credit collection agency and they have not provided me with any proof other than a computer worksheet that does not even have the correct information on it.I on the other hand have plenty of proof.
( 1 ) The address on my credit report as of XXXX/XXXX/XXXX is the correct address where I was living.The collection company says I was living somewhere else XXXX this is the month I ‘m being charged rent for on my credit.
( 2 ). I have a lease also that started XXXX/XXXX/XXXX that shows I was clearly not at the address on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX which is the month Im being charged.
( 3 ) I also have an email from the corporate office acknowledging that I would be out XX/XX/XXXX, also that the apt I was in had a mold problem, and I would not be charged for any damages due to the mold. I have pictures of the mold in the apt and the leak that caused the ceiling to cave in the bathroom. When I asked the collection company for the pictures of what they were charging me for damages they have never provided them to me, ( 4 ) I also have a letter from a person that was a resident at this community that helped me move out XX/XX/XXXX and he verifies this in the letter. The power was also turned off by the community in XX/XX/XXXX also they took the meter.
They also did not even turn my file into the credit bureau until two years later. I received the notice from them in XXXX XXXX. I responded immediately and told them I was disputing this and they had made a mistake.They said that they had a ; ready turned the file in to the credit bureau two months before they sent me the letter.
They did n’t even giving me a chance to respond to the letter.I asked them why did they bother to send me the letter if they had already sent it to the credit bureau.
They said its just a standard letter they send out.
I told them the letter is deceiving because it says if they are notified in so many days that they would not turn the file over to the credit bureau.I had responded in the time they had allotted in the letter and the only thing they could say was OH Well!
If this was a legitimate debt why did it take two years to notify me and for them to report it to my credit.The normal protocol is suppose to happen as follows.Tenant moves out owes money they are send a statement of what is owed or not .If the tenant does not respond after 30 days a letter then goes out to let them know its going to collections and they have x amount of days to respond then it is turned over to collections. Not 2 years later decide that they want to pick a file and turn it over to collections.

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