Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I am filing this complaint because I have spent 6 months fighting a collection account on my credit report with the collection agency and the creditor who are stating I owe them money I do n’t. The name of the collection agency is NCC Business Services and the creditor is XXXX XXXX. I will try to be descriptive but it ‘s impossible to convey all that has happened with limited typing space.

XX/XX/XXXX I was reviewing my credit report only to find out NCC was reporting I owed over {$4000.00}! Because this was obviously fraud, I disputed it with the credit bureaus only to have the bureaus send me back results stating it was ” verified debt. ” Since this was impossible, I contacted NCC to figure out why I owed {$4000.00}. I spoke with a representative named XXXX and she said it was for breaking a lease with XXXX XXXX and they were charging me the whole amount of the lease.

I explained to XXXX that I was aware about how when you break a lease for a property you owe money for breaking the lease as well as any money owed on the remainder of the lease. However, I was also aware that if the leased property gets leased to another individual or party during the same time as the individual who broke the lease, then the initial party who broke the lease is only liable for damages up until the new lessee takes over the property. In other words, XXXX XXXX XXXX ca n’t collect rent damages from me when they are already collecting rent for the same property from another individual. This is exactly what happened. I stayed in XXXX for 1 month and 1 week out of the whole year. My space was rented within a week of me vacating it yet XXXX XXXX is fraudulently trying to say that I owe them a whole year! And it gets worse.

After I informed XXXX of my knowledge of how leases work, she agreed and sent my dispute to XXXX. I did n’t get a response for 3 months even though they only had 30 days to resolve my dispute and still kept the account on my report. To make things worse, they did n’t even address my dispute so I had to chew out the new collector I spoke with and he got an expedited revised itemized statement from the client. It was just an itemization with hand written notes saying I vacated the apartments and they rented the space 15 days before the lease was up so they are crediting me 15 days out of the whole year … ..

I ca n’t even begin to fathom how they are trying to get away with such fraud. Unfortunately for them, I have proof I did not stay there 350 days. The lease was from XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX in XXXX Indiana. Besides the fact that I went in person to inform them I was going back to California after my 5th week there, I have paystubs that I will provide you with which show I was working in XXXX California XX/XX/XXXX …. In other words, I was not living in the XXXX XXXX until XX/XX/XXXX.

Also, during my short stay in the village, I saw people coming and going like flies. As soon as a person left the village, another would take his place within a week. What I am trying to say is that it was highly unlikely that my space in their apartment was left vacated for nearly 11 months. It is unreasonable, not logical, and not fiscally prudent. NO ONE would purposefully leave their rental property vacant when they could be leasing/renting it. For XXXX XXXX and NCC to state that my space was vacant for 11 months is an obvious attempt to extort me and outright fraud. I know this is fraud because I spoke with my roommates and they informed me that my space had in fact been rented out after I left.

If they do n’t stop trying to extort me I am taking them to court. Please help me in stopping this company from trying to collect money they ca n’t. If they are doing it with me, who knows how many others they are defrauding or have defrauded as well.

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