Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

For 2 years, since XXXX, Dyck-O’Neal made my life unbearable with incessant phone calls and letters alleging that I owed a debt to XXXX XXXX that they were authorized to collect ( attached ). Uncountable times, I responded and advised them that I did not owe XXXX XXXX any money but they continued to harass me. Several times I called the number I was advised to call but the harassment continued. Then I applied for credit and was denied and informed that it was largely because Dyck-O’Neal had reported this debt on my credit ( attached ). My credit score dropped as a result of Dyck-O’Neal ‘s reporting. I contacted XXXX XXXX and they confirmed to me that I did not owe them any money and that they had not authorized any collection from me ( attached ). I confronted Dyck-O’Neal again and they wrote me a letter on XXXX XXXX, XXXX simply stating that they have ceased collection activities ( attached ). No apologies. No compensation for the emotional and financial stress they put me through for 2 years!

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