Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

a few months back I noticed a decrease in my credit score so I investigated.I hired XXXX to look and they told me there was a collection action placed against me in XX/XX/XXXX by a company called United Accounts Inc. XXXX. So XXXX XXXX filed challenges with the credit bureaus and one has removed the item two remain. I also contacted United Accounts and was told this was supposedly a debt from an old landlord from XXXX This debt was paid in full by my father. We actually traded my living room furniture to the manager and he cleaned the apartment and washed the carpets.
United accounts told me they received this debt in XXXX I then asked why I did n’t receive a letter informing me of this debt, allowing the 30 days to challenge/prove I did n’t owe it. They then told me that they sent a letter to the address I vacated I told them I was a student and never used that address I only used my home address and it was on the lease and I stated that the creditor should have provided that, At the very least when the first letter if sent was returned to them. I was then told they were not required to and eventually I would be forced to contact them with a collection item on my credit reports.
This is when I filed the first complaint with your agency. I called your office last week and spoke to a gentleman there asking what happened because I just heard from a collection company in XXXX called XXXX attempting too collect on this.They told me the company that sent it to them was United Accounts. He then told me they very briefly responded to the complaint on XX/XX/XXXX stating they will send a letter to me and then apparently that closed the complaint. I informed him of this action by them and he suggested I refile a complaint and state all of this. By the way I have to this day never received any contact from United Accounts. So to sum it up United accounts received a paid off year old ” debt ” and chose not to confirm this debt with me and when I filed a complaint very briefly answered it and never followed through with there answer but instead chose to punish me for filing the complaint by forwarding the debt to another collection company. This is XXXX!!!

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