Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX sent me a bill for a damaged pedestal that they claim was cut-off and removed by me. I have not had phone service for over 5 years and was not even aware the pedestal was on the property, however I am told it is out of the easement by my surveyor. The pedestal was apparently run over by an unknown party travelling on the road. It had not been maintained by XXXX and was not visible. I have no other information other than I contacted XXXX to report the damage and was told that I was not responsible as it was outside of the home ( anything from the home inside is my responsibility – wiring, etc. ) I was told they would take care of it. They did not and there was jagged metal from the metal box adjacent to my drive where I enter and exit the property. We placed the metal in the trash for removal. After that, the XXXX repair techs came and cut-off the lines ( I guess ) and filled the hole with dirt. I was then sent a bill in the mail for {$1600.00}. I responded with a letter explaining the circumstances and received no further correspondence until a bill collector from JNR Adjustment began calling my work phone and leaving messages. I have attempted to resolve this through XXXX directly and they told me I would have to PROVE I did not damage the property! How can that be the American justice system? Guilty until I can prove I am innocent?????? It is their equipment, abandoned and damaged and I am the easiest target? How about they be required to prove I DID damage it. Which they can not, because I did not. I think they should accept the responsibility for not maintaining their own equipment and stop harassing me. Please help.

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