Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I set up a Home Depot Credit Card, which apparently is serviced by CitiBank, to pay for countertop installation. I have an excellent credit rating, or at least did when I got the card XX/XX/XXXX. I NEVER received the actual card AND when I got a phone call from some company ( I did n’t know it was CitiBank then ) claiming to be Home Depot and stating that I was late on a payment, I called Home Depot. The people at Home Depot told me the company had sent my card to a PO Box in XXXX, XXXX that I had CLOSED XX/XX/XXXX when I MOVED to XXXX, XXXX. Home Depot could n’t straighten out the problem, could n’t tell me why they sent the card to a 15 year old address, and could n’t even tell me what was going on. By the way, I had n’t had the countertops installed yet and when they were installed, they did it improperly. I went to the Home Depot store in XXXX, XXXX to PAY OFF THE DEBT. The store manager could n’t figure out what to do, but I spoke to the CitiBank company via the store ‘s phones. I CANCELLED THE CARD WHILE IN THE STORE ON XX/XX/XXXX. I tried to pay the ENTIRE debt in full, but the store manager could not figure out how to do that! ( seriously! ) One of the employees said she would ” figure out ” how to do it and I could come back the next day and she would ” have the bill ready. ” I went back the next day and the store STILL did not have my bill ready to pay and the employees spent 40 minutes trying to figure it out even though I told them to simply refund the money, recharge it and let me pay with a REAL credit card ( XXXX ). Finally, they did just that and I paid the bill in its entirety with a reputable company ‘s card. I have received collection calls ( documented ) from CitiBank FOR A DEBT THAT HAS BEEN PAID AND CARD THAT WAS CANCELLED on XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX ( XXXX ), XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX and ( XXXX ). I received one other call from CitiBank for debt collection prior to XXXX ( which prompted my investigation ), but can not find the number and date on my phone. Each time I ‘ve received a call, I ‘ve tried to speak with a representative and the recorded statement is ( something like ) : ” I ‘m sorry, but we can not respond to your request. ” STOP THESE XXXX! HOME DEPOT WO N’T DO ANYTHING. THE DEBT HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL AND THE CARD WAS CANCELLED!!!!!!!

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