Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX, XXXX I received an email thanking me for a recent purchase from my XXXX XXXX credit card. I immediately contacted XXXX XXXX and filed a fraud complaint. I live in MA and the purchase was made in XXXX for a camera … .clearly not mine. In XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX deemed it fraud and canceled my XXXX XXXX credit card and issued me a new XXXX. I received the letter from them as well stating the investigation was closed and the charges were removed etc. I did n’t hear anything again, until last week. A man named XXXX called me from a cell number after XXXX. I was shocked as he informed me he was collecting a debt on behalf of XXXX XXXX. I proceeded to explain to this man what happened and he said basically, it does n’t matter what your telling me, unless you have a POLICE REPORT, I will continue to call you until I collect this debt etc. He was RUDE, RUDE, RUDE, my blood was boiling! I told him I had a letter from them, he said the letter means nothing, get a police report. He stated they had been sending collection bills to me to which I said, ” XXXX if I had gotten a collection letter on this, I would ‘ve called immediately, this is NOT MY DEBT, it was fraud. ” He then asked my XXXX XXXX and I told him, bad mistake … guess what I got yesterday? A collection letter. I have spent the last week and today on the phone with XXXXbank who owns the XXXX XXXX credit card. They have no idea how or why any collections would or could happen as this was NEVER sent to any collection company. They sent the letter stating I was not responsible and advised me to contact you. I am afraid to send any information to this company collection … … I am afraid who they are and how they got ANY information and the man was harrassing threatening and rude. I should n’t be treated like that.

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