Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My name is XXXX XXXX XXXX.I received a call on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX from a private number stating I had a debt back in XXXX that needed to be paid and they have made several attempts to reach me. After I had told them now was not a good time, they told me ” Good luck in court maam ”., At that time, I became panicked and heard them out. I started asking questions, ( who they were, when this debt supposedly happened, why they have n’t tried to contact me before ) The woman stated they were the collection agency and the actual debt resided in a different company. They also told me my ex ‘s information of his email. They then started to confirm all of my information and asked me to pay now on that day or else someone ion my area was going to serve me court papers, and that would cost me well over XXXX to fix. I was very scared at that point and decided I better pay this bc I do not want that to happen, I transferred money and even called the bank to let the funds go through. After the transaction went through, the lady continued to call me stating they would email me the final paperwork to be signed ( sounded legit, bc I thought that ‘s how you would handle a debt collection ) so after me not signing for a few hours they called me back to sign the paperwork. I got home from work and signed it online that day and then received an email stating everything was ion close and then I saw the Insight capital LLC. I had then XXXX that company and realized it was a scam. HELP me please!

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