Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Hello, I would like to draw attention towards Portfolio Recovery and how they have hounded my cell phone voicemail with unnecessary and bogus voicemails with machine robots regarding a XXXX XXXX debt i supposedly owe. I have notififed XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX that there was fraudulent activity on my account and that the charged were not made by me. Portfolio Recovery refuses to acknowledge anything I am saying and they continue to tarnish my credit report and attack me and I feel abused and isolated by them. They send me scary letters and keep updating my credit report with false information. I have already frozen all XXXX of my credit reports due to check cashing fraud down against me in XXXX of 2015. My identity was duplicated for some time under a false address and I was unaware as charges lingered. I have been forced to seek bankruptcy counseling and I have no connection to this XXXX XXXX debt that Portfolio Keeps stalking me about. XXXX XXXX is aware of the fraud against me and have closed out my account and I believe that this company is ignoring the FDCPA laws and the FCRA laws and are not verified or dfdeting this fraudulent account against me in order to scare me or hurt me. I would like the CFPB to know that they utilize robotic dialing at XXXX hours and have denied it when I have sent them certified letters asking them to STOP! I do not owe this debt and they have NO right to display ANYTHING under my social security number or on any of my XXXX credit reports! Please have them STOP an have the LEAVE ME ALONE! I have tried fighting this fraudulent account with the XXXX credit bureaus but they all have supposedly verified it and yet U HAVE NO PROOF of an investigation, the results i requested or any ducmonotaion which I forwarded regarding my identity theft was submitted to XXXX XXXX or Portfolio. I am sick and tired of this company abusing me!

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