Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Wells Fargo Home Morgage is sending me Certified Letters referring to ” my loan ” that is in default for a home loan I never entered into. My spouse refinanced a home loan in XX/XX/XXXX and I was never on the application, never signed and never entered into any financial obligation with Wells Fargo. Since my spouse had this debt discharged in bankruptcy in XX/XX/XXXX, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is attempting to collect from me. THIS IS NOT MY DEBT. I never signed any Promissory Note, loan application or other loan documents. I also completed a Quit Claim Deed in XX/XX/XXXX in which I released/conveyed any legal interesest in the property. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage should not be sending me any correspondence and I should not even be involved as I am not an owner and NEVER participated in, not signed any loan documents. This is not my debt. They are threatening to take action and I do not have funds to hire attorneys. They know this is not legally my debt and they know I am not an owner of this property. They have ignored correspondence reminding them of this. I need help to have them stop harassing me for a debt that is not mine. Wells Fargo is known for deceptive and unethical business practices as evidenced by court cases involving this. I have many medical issues and unable to work and therefore, am not able to deal with being illegally harassed for debt that has never been my debt and for issues regarding a property for which they known I am not an owner. Please help me stop the harassment by and unethical, illegal practices by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Thank you!

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