Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Bureau of medical economics, XXXX AZ XXXX ; has put a debt belonging to my oldest son, XXXX years old now 2 times in my Credit Report, first in XXXX XXXX and the 2nd time on or about XXXX XXXX, both times I call them and explain them was n’t my debt and they knew was n’t mine when they ask me for my social security number but they told me both times I had to make my Son paid them the debt so they can take it out of my Credit Report, both times I left feeling like am a hostage during this process, had to hire an attorney to dispute both times and last time I was or in the process to apply for a loan to buy a property in XXXX , AZ , when I call the Bank they told me I will still qualify but my interest rate will be higher because of the derogatory information on my Credit Report, In XXXX my Lawyer send a letter to this Company to pay me {$2000.00} in damages and they never respond or pay, I believe taking somebody hostage to make somebody else to pay a debt is a CRIME! I have recordings were they say do n’t care and they wo n’t take the false information out of my Credit Report unless my Son paid them.

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