Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was with XXXX for two years and never had an issue. XXXX is saying that I owe them money because someone whom I NEVER authorized was on my car insurance. Keep in mind I was still making my monthly AUTO DRAFT payments. I asked them for the recording of me adding someone to my insurance and they could not provide it. I spoke to XXXX XXXX representative and she assured me that this mistake would be corrected and never happen again. She said he fixed everything in the system. When I cancelled the insurance for their exploitation I got an email stating that I would be REFUNDED money. I never received my refund and I am still being billed for money I do not owe them. This collection was removed from my XXXX credit report the beginning of this year, now they added it to my XXXX and XXXX report. How could I owe money and my funds were taken directly from my bank account based on what they billed me for the month. I was also not able to retrieve my bill and payments from their website after I severed ties with them for some reason, but thank goodness for bank statements!

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