Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I received a bill from Paypal Credit in XX/XX/2016 for {$110.00}. As I have not used Paypal for anything in over a year I called the phone number on the bill and asked what this bill was for. I was told I was calling their debt collection department and that the bill was for a purchase made at XXXX. I explained that this must be a mistake on their part because I do not go to XXXX and have not used my Paypal account for a really long time. They were unable to provide a phone number or a signature associated with this charge but offered to check to see if it was fraudulent charge. I received a letter a few days after that, saying the did not detect any fraud in this case. Again this month I received a bill from Paypal this time for additional charges of {$35.00} late fee and {$2.00} interest charge. I have looked up my account through the Paypal website because I was considering reporting the incident elsewhere, to see if I could find any information about the transaction myself. The website stated no transactions have been made to my account in over a year! I was unable to print a copy of this with the name of the website visible or I would have sent this in. Since Paypal continues to bill me for a charge a did not make, I would like some intervention by the CFPB in this matter. I am also sending copies of the bills and the letter I received from paypal.

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