Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On Saturday, XX/XX/2017 at XXXX a.m., I checked my credit score as a regular action as I frequently do. I was proudly checking to see if since I have made a year of perfect payments as of XX/XX/2017 on my very first auto loan, if any thing positive point-wise happened. I have worked very hard to keep my payments on time, on top of setting up payment arrangents for at-fault debts. Upon opening my XXXX app on my cell phone, I noticed that my score instead of increasing, has actually dropped by XXXX points. I was very confused and scrolled down to see why ; only to find that I was charged a single ( I believe ) defaulted medical payment for XXXX $ from an agency called Midwest Recovery Systems. It immediately raised an eyebrow as I have NOT been contacted by this agency prior to it just being thrown to my credit report, on top of which was the most concerning is I have n’t even had so much as maybe one doctor ‘s visit in the past year! And I was very diligent prior to the dr. visit of checking my insurance because I did n’t have the funds for out of pocket expenses.I did some searching online to find that not only myself have experienced this issue with this ” company, ” but numerous reports – ( XXXX Reports noted by the XXXX as of this day … which inidicates the number of consumers that have been negatively/wrongly affected ) – There are reports I have read from even the beginning of THIS month ranging from the same amount as mine all the way to nearly XXXX XXXX This company is fraudulent and they are hurting innocent people and causing a lot of time consuming headaches. I have, prior to this submission of a formal complaint through CFPB reported the fraudulent charge to XXXX who has already deleted the ” account ” from my report in less than a day. This is shameful for someone to actively target people for no reason.

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