Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

This company collects for XXXX XXXX XXXX Court, it was for an old red light camera ticket that I was never aware of. what happened is it came to my attention when they intercepted my state tax refund, then I contacted them and paid the remaining balance. I had paid this debt around XXXX of 2014 to XXXX. I asked XXXX several time for proof the debt was paid they would n’t provide it. They did say the account would be reported as paid to the XXXX major credit bureaus. Later on 2014 around XXXX, a property management company pulled my credit for approval on a rental. They informed me of a negative item still showing. This alleged still outstanding debt. I contacted XXXX yet again, they informed they had done the reporting as paid. I informed them it is still showing, and it needs to be resolved … Now this year I pull my free credit reports as allowed once a year and again … This is account is still showing as a derogatory item on my XXXX report! This Company is in direct violation of the FCA and FDCPA. My attempts to resolve this with them have failed they are n’t following through.

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