Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XXXX XXXX, my Chapter XXXX Bankruptcy was discharged without protest. This debt, AFNI, for a XXXX bill, was certainly included. AFNI refuses to close and take this account off of Reporting agencies. I have complained to XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX to take this account off of their listings. They have all refused, and this is the only one remaining derogatory report ( other than bankruptcy ) on all my reports. Not only should it be closed and removed, but the reporting agencies list it as ” open ”! I had XXXX pages of creditors. All of them honored the discharged and removed their listings from the agencies like XXXX. This is the only lone creditor account that refuses not only to close the account, but also to remove it. They even list the account as having a {$0.00} balance! Still, they mark the collection as ” open ”, when the account was reported as being opened in XXXX, XXXX. The actual open date was a couple of years before that. All of these dates surely fell before the filing of my Ch XXXX Bankruptcy in XXXX, XXXX and discharged in XXXX XXXX. Just the fact that this creditor is listed on my report- and especially ” open ” is hurting my credit score. I have worked hard to rebuild my credit in 2.5 years, and have been successful. This derogatory mark from this company ( that by law, I was entitled to have discharged ; they did n’t even dispute it! ) is sticking out like a sore thumb on my credit report. I have rebuilt my credit very well, but have been turned down for credit due specifically to this ” open ” collection account- that is n’t even valid! This is a terrible thing to deal with after all the work I ‘ve done to rebuild my credit ; especially since I have done extensive work in disputing this entry to the individual credit reporting agencies themselves! And then, the agencies not removing the entry! Please help me get this last awful derogatory remark- that I am entitled to under the bankruptcy provision- off of my record.
Thank you

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