Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I ‘ll try to make this brief : Beginning in XX/XX/XXXX, I began having problems with my XXXX phone and charges. I ordered a new phone through them and it was defective. I made several trips to the local XXXX store but problems continued and I was told the phone could not be repaired. They sent a new phone to the local store but then wanted {$20.00} shipping. I refused to pay that since the worthless, defective phone was not my fault, plus I DROVE to the store to pick it up. In the meantime, my XXXX charges went from the quoted {$85.00} per month to {$120.00} per month, with no explanation. Calls to customer service were useless and I finally got phone service with XXXX. I attempted to return the defective XXXX phone to XXXX different stores and they all REFUSED it. XXXX began contacting me, saying that I owed ridiculous amounts of money, then collection agencies began contacting me. DIVERSIFIED CONSULTANTS called me in XX/XX/XXXX and I told them what I am telling you — that I did NOT owe this absurdly outrageous {$500.00}. The agent then asked me if I was disputing the charge and I said YES. He said that was fine and that he had made note of it and SOMEONE WOULD BE CONTACTING ME about the dispute. No one ever contacted me and I discovered today that DIVERSIFIED CONSULTANTS has reported this to XXXX XXXX as a collection/charge off!!! I called Diversified today and was told that this should NOT have gone against my credit since it was in dispute and that she would give the information to ‘administration ‘ and for me to call back in two or three weeks. My credit score was XXXX out of XXXX, showing that I am a very honest and responsible person. XXXX has been wrong about these charges ( and their terrible customer service ) and Diversified has deliberately lied to me — saying in XXXX that someone would be contacting me about my dispute — when NO ONE contacted me and it was put against my credit.

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