Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was sent a bill and the provider was in between XXXX accounting systems, they billed me on both for copays over a period of time, after we worked together to resolve it and I paid what I owed, they eventually sent me a bill asking for the same copays again off and on over a period of 18 months or more. I told them it was paid and showed proof several times.

Then they billed me for office visits in the beginning of the year which went against my deductible, which under normal circumstances I would owe BUT I LOST MY JOB because the doctor inadvertently put XXXX different dates for return to work on my XXXX and work forms. When I called to verify I explained and they still gave me the wrong date, hence I lost my job! So I had to go back in for a televideo appointment to explain to her what happened so she could write a letter and I could get unemployment. Why would I pay for that???

On another account for my daughter they billed the wrong insurance even though I gave them the correct information each visit. She had double coverage which would have covered it except they did n’t even bill me or ask for the insurance information until XXXX or more years later! Which now the insurance refused to pay because of the late filing of the claim which was their fault. The office has inadequate employees who apparently are confused.

This office has a long history of administrative mistakes, the debt is n’t mine.

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