Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Portfolio Recovery has been contacting me since XXXX 2015 or earlier, for collection on a XXXX credit card account that belongs to my husband, who filed for bankruptcy. The XXXX account was settled in bankruptcy court, so they were paid an allotted amount. I did not apply or use the card, ever. My husband ‘s bankruptcy has been discharged since about XXXX 2015. I have explained this to XXXX representatives of Portfolio Recovery. The XXXX said she would send me a dispute form … never happened. The XXXX said he saw where the issue was resolved so he was going to ” send it up ” because I did n’t owe the debt. The XXXX called last week. She said I owe the debt because I was not involved with the bankruptcy. I argued with her because I have not apply for, or used this card, ever. After I speak with a representative, they stop calling for a week or so. Then, they call several times per day while I am at work and then when I am at home. They continue to harass me. What recourse do I have? They put this on my credit report! What can I do about that?

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