Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had my identity stolen in XX/XX/XXXX 2007. In less than a month ‘s time the ID thieves in XXXX, ( Im in XXXX ), bought XXXX top line XXXX COMPUTERS @ {$3000.00} each. Also a few other smaller checks for random items, accounts, etc. On about XXXX XXXX, 2007 I finally get a XXXX Bank postcard stating my check for {$3000.00} had bounced and already began the computer ‘s process of double charging the overdraft fee, then the fee for that, which lead to more overdraft fees. XXXX was of no help with the problem, in fact they were ” shady ” about it. I called several times only to be mocked, laughed at, and literally called a liar. Even though copies to every check & transaction I had ever done with them was available anytime for my viewing- they refused me any information, viewing, what the large amount paid for … NOTHING. This was all witnessed by officers at the XXXX Police Dept as my final call to XXXX about this was in front of them so they could listen. The representative mocking my call and handwriting changes his tune when a Detective took phone from me and politely tore into his unprofessional behavior and that ID theft reports had been filed ; investigations started. So there ‘s more but I ‘ll cut to where this strange collection letter comes in. For over a year now I have begun receiving NEW debt collection letters XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX behalf of a Jefferson Capital Systems , for the old, fraudulent, closed and erased from XXXX Bank ‘s system, debt! They have the amount of {$920.00} as the total, then proceed to coax me in by asking for a mere {$180.00} within 28 days and they ‘ll forgive the whole thing. BUT, there ‘s fine print stating that once I do acknowledge them and even offer a payment, not make a payment, but offer- that will put me back in the clear to be sued, and start the debt ‘s full amount over again like new! I am blown away, first off- the debt was never theirs to forgive, it was a mistake in XXXX Bank ‘s system, which has been completely erased therefore already forgiven, because obviously they do n’t want any records of it to be accessible and do n’t want to ever have it brought up- ( possibly in court or elsewhere ). A XXXX branch manager about 7 months ago searched extensively throughout their archives/database and current systems for anything on that former account with them or my name even, turn up nothing at all. Like it never existed even asked me if I was sure I banked with XXXX back then! It ‘s not on my credit reports, XXXX definitely is n’t pursuing this and so bottom line- Who the heck do these shady negotiating debt swindlers think they are?! I ‘ve had it with them! I will not contact them directly, as why I listed above. And I surely wo n’t be paying for a debt I did n’t even cause, to these people to pocket every bit of it! Which is exactly what they ‘d do because why would XXXX want it? I do n’t exist to them anymore. And on a side note, I ‘ve read about the FTC already coming down on these XXXX companies for fraudulent acts, especially Jefferson Capital, so I think the FTC needs to know that the XXXX & XXXX games have n’t stopped, their just changing up their strategies starting with their debt letters approach on people.

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