Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I have to just put it how it is the SWC or whatever the collection agency is for XXXX is bold faced lying. There could n’t be more of a lie told. First and foremost, they began claiming it was a debt from XXXX in Massachusetts. Now I see they are claiming it is a debt from XXXX in XXXX. I have new for you, 1. I did not even reside in XXXX at that time, and 2. The cable was not in my name. Therefore, you are lying. If you are not, please send me documentation as proof that I had service in my name in XXXX at that time. I guarantee you can not. When I spoke to you fraudsters, you stated it was because in XXXX you did not receive some receipt for equipment that was still at the location. You are seriously just flat out lying. You have nothing to back up your allegations. How can I owe on something I never had. The bottom line is I do not owe you anything! And I am not paying you a dime. What you need to do is send me via certified mail with a return receipt a copy of your phony documents. I know whomever is responsible for stealing my identity is attempting to keep fraudulent accounts on my credit report. I have not utilized credit since XXXX. You claim this is in XXXX in XXXX. Guess what? I did not live there. Get your facts straight before you lie. I can not believe you first attempted to claim it was in Massachusetts in XXXX now it was allegedly in XXXX. Obviously, you do not know where I was residing and you obviously do not know that the service was not in my name. STOP LYING! I can press charges for that. I will file a police report and I will provide your bogus statement with proof of my whereabouts and the fact that I did not have service. You are just some scumbag debt collector trying to get money. Not this time!

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