Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My roommate decided to purchase cable through XXXX XXXX she ended up falling for XXXX those check scams where you cash a check for someone and then the check bounces and you owe the bank the money from the bounced check. So she ended up losing her bank account and could no longer pay the XXXX TV account with her credit card. Therefore, I offered to pay her monthly fees with my credit card and she could give me the cash. However, the account was still completely in her name attached to her social security card. Fast forward a couple months she decided to move out and takes the XXXX account with her to her new place. Fast forwarded almost a year ( I would sometimes get calls from XXXX asking me if I knew where XXXX ( my old roommate ) was and I would tell them no ) I see that XXXX has sent me to collections. I call the company right away pretty angry at the situation because not only did they have all my information but they wrongly sent me to collections damaging my credit. When I asked how they got my information they said that I tried to purchase XXXX once before ( which I immediately canceled due to bad customer service ) and that is how they got my social security number. Anyways, they were not very helpful and told me to file a dispute with the credit bureau which I did and won and it was taken off my credit. However, I recently checked my credit again and it was back on under a different name. I was very confused so I called the credit bureau and they said that after XXXX lost the dispute they sold it to another collection agency! Which seems really crazy to me and completely unjust. The credit Bureau then gave me your information and told me to contact CFPB and file a complaint. This was taken off my account and then was just added by your company I have disputed this and won many time now so I do not understand how it keeps getting bought by different companies.

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