Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I canceled my cable with XXXX last year in 2014. They sent a representative to pick up the equipment we had. I was home at the time and personally saw them. A few months later they sent a bill for {$120.00} for not returning the equipment. I made several phone calls to them over a few months period. I offered them to return and check our home for what they may have left behind. Nothing would work. They finally sent a bill of {$120.00} to a collection agency. We contacted them to resolve the matter and they were not very helpful. We contacted XXXX once again and finally thought the matter was resolved. As a matter of fact they actually agreed with us and even went so far as to issue a refund check for {$42.00} XXXX 2014. We assumed with the refund and numerous conversations that this matter was resolved. Fast forward a year later after no longer receiving any correspondence from XXXX or the collection agency we applied for a new mortgage and found it has destroyed my credit rating. I have prided myself on having a perfect credit rating for over 30 years! I pay may bills on time and have no blemishes at all on my record except for this. This small amount of {$120.00} has destroyed my credit rating and I am getting a run around from both companies.
Against my better judgement I paid the {$120.00} in order to restore my credit. I have yet to hear anything from them and need help. Because of this I am forced to pay a higher interest rate on my mortgage. This is so unfair and upsetting. Please let me know what my options are.

Sincerely, XXXX

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