Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had an XXXX at XXXX on my XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX. Before the services were provided, XXXX notified me that my XXXX would be {$1500.00} and I ‘d have to pay my {$500.00} medical deductible before services would be rendered. I came with {$500.00} cash ; however, they offered an interest free payment plan. I took the payment plan as it was favourable to paying {$500.00} cash on day 1. My credit card has been billed as agreed upon in the payment plan. I have also fully paid my credit card ( {$0.00} outstanding balance at each month-end since before XX/XX/XXXX, which means I have paid in line with the payment plan ). I received a voicemail the week commencing XXXX XXXX from someone stating to be employed by XXXX, which is the parent company of XXXX, stating that I have not paid my balance. When I asked how that was possible as I was on a payment plan, they noted they sit in a different office and were not aware of my payment plan. Not knowing about my payment plan seemed a bit off, so I looked into the number I was given on my voicemail and noted it was for Quality Asset Recovery, a debt collection agency! This individual, XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ), actually does NOT work at XXXX as he claimed in his voicemail ( which I am more than willing to provide ). He never once even notified me he worked for a debt collection agency. I then decided to call XXXX directly to ask about this and they stated that I, in fact, had paid every bill on time as agreed, and that the issue came from them ” incorrectly sending accounts for collections ” to XXXX.

I would also like to note that I never once received a notice from XXXX that I was late on payment. I also sent them a letter XX/XX/XXXX asking for the detailed billing for my XXXX ( as this was never produced ). It has been 2 months since that letter was sent and I am still awaiting a response.

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