Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

Collector CMRE Financial Services and XXXX XXXX XXXX. Their practices of harassment and are met with antagonistic and unlawful procedures! Do n’t go to XXXX XXXX Hospital as their billing practices are harassment and borderline unlawful. I went in for a covered procedure surgery with prior authorization. Even with Medi-CAL coverage they will pressure you to pay all before leaving. I have received a collection notice and called them and said I just spoke to Medi-CAL and they are processing the bill, and here is their contact information. Besides being met with an antagonist harassing person ( she said her name was XXXX ), she asked if the number I was calling from was my cell phone. Fearing a trick to acknowledge my number, I hesitated, but remembered I ‘m on the ” Do Not Call ” list and they cant call for collections as I have only a certain amount of minutes. She said she could n’t go any further without my answer, and since I wanted them notified of the bill being processed, I confirmed. She then asked me if it was ok to call this number for collections. I said, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Within 1/2 hour of hanging up I ‘ve been receiving multiple collection calls on this account! Sometimes using a different name ironically. Up to this point I have n’t received XXXX call from any collection services. Ironic? .. or do they pass the number along so they can skirt the law. Besides the terrible billing practices of XXXX XXXX HOSPITAL, I would n’t recommend ANYONE going there. This is an obvious collection svc for the XXXX department. The bill is not unpaid, as the billing is still going through Medi-CAL but that does n’t stop the harassment by both XXXX XXXX Hospital and CMRE Financial Svc ‘s and XXXX XXXX XXXX!

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