Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I have requested this debt to be valided and proper documentation provided to support that I was in contract with XXXX and had past due Cell Phone bills. I disagree that I was in contract and that debt was still owed. After 2 years, hours adding up to over XXXX speaking with XXXX as well as RPM no contract can be located ( there was no contract ). At that time XXXX lowered the debt from {$1900.00} to {$1100.00} I continued to dispute as I know I was not in contract and the response from RPM and XXXX was proven incorrect at which point the reason for the debt was changed. They stated that I cancelled during contract I advise I was not in contract and to supply me the contract at which point RMP asked me to supply them proof I didnt have a contract! That is not even possible as XXXX does not exist. When speaking with XXXX they advise that THEY turned me off for non-payment as the amount being reported was higher than if there was a contract cancellation. I provided XXXX with proof that I was no longer with them and transfered all my phones XXXX XXXX and that if THEY were the ones that turned me off for non-payment I would not to this day have the same number. That is when they lowered the amount as stated above. At that point I offered to settle for {$350.00}, I had already disputed this again for years, was verbally abused by the collectors, disputed it with the credit bureaus, sent in a Qualified Written Request, which no response was ever provided and this showing on my credit bureau has destoryed my rating and falsely represents my ability to maintain my credit obligations. RPM stated they would have to get approval. I called back and they advised me XXXX would accept {$400.00}. I asked for a letter to verify that they would be removed off my credit and that we would settle. I waited XXXX business days and called back. Was informed that the account was cancelled by XXXX and Transfered. I asked for a letter in writing stating what has occured and was provided a letter and was told that they would report to the credit bureau as cancelled. I have again spent months trying to get them to update as THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO DO. This debt is not only showing on my credit but now for XXXX different amounts, {$1900.00} and {$1100.00} and dates!! This is a direct example of their business practice.

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