Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

First, none of the provided choices for the second question matched my issue, so I chose ” Debt was paid ” so I could go to the third question. My issue is with Revenue Recovery Corp collection agency. On XXXX I went to the XXXX, I was seen XXXX and the problem was fixed. My military insurance paid XXXX XXXX all but {$35.00} dollars on my account. Revenue Recovery Corp receives the debt and reports the debt on my credit report broken down into several accounts : {$2.00}, {$1.00}, {$1.00}, {$2.00}, {$2.00}, {$1.00}, {$21.00}. Each XXXX was turned in as an account. This was also done XX/XX/XXXX, my bill was broken down into an amount per x-ray and turned in as separate account, XXXX separate accounts, if my memory serves me right! This was XXXX account broken down and turned in on my credit report as several separate accounts!!!! This has effected my credit score negatively as well as my Life! It appears to have been done purposely to effect my credit report as to force me to pay. This was a single account and it should have been turned into my credit report as such. If it is not illegal, it should be!

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