Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had an account with XXXX and wanted to add my husband onto my account. A store salesman convinced us to switch to a business account, which we did. They upgraded our phones and we were all set. A couple of months later ( recently ) I began to get phone calls where an operator was on the line and then, brought a man on. He knew my name and said he wanted to verify my address which he mentioned. I said I did n’t know who he was and was not going to verify anything. He would not say anything else. He called at least XXXX times a day from XXXX in the morning to XXXX or so in the evening for a couple of weeks!! I called XXXX XXXX my phone company who tried to help. I submitted XXXX phone numbers which they blocked. I was about to go to the police. I had nightmares … He KNEW my address … I did n’t know if someone was going to come and kill me … I was not aware of owing any bills. Today I was going to have my phone turned off when I get mail from Receivables Performance Management. They said I owed XXXX {$710.00}. I was not aware of owing this. I am a customer of XXXX! I was never informed of owing them anything!! After talking to XXXX, the person who switched my account failed to switch my phone to the new business account. So, I owed the entire amount of that phone which was supposed to be on a plan over time. They sent it to collections, and COULD DO NOTHING TO HELP ME!! They never sent me a bill or let me know in any way that I owed this.

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