Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I would like to submit another complaint regarding my AFNI , INC collection account. I am so disappointed to see this inaccurate and illegal item still appearing on my credit report. I have asked AFNI, INC. to remove their unlawful account from my credit reports with the XXXX bureaus and they still refuse. I have told them repeatedly that I was aware of their illegal tactics they utilized to obtain my debt, attack and harsh me regarding this debt and finally fail to validate this debt or show me any signatures or anything owning up too it. All they have sent me is my statements from XXXX XXXX which SHOULD NEVER have been sent to collection as I explained to XXXX and AFNI that this account was overdue on the account of MAIL THEFT at my home. I have my police report number to provide XXXX. I spoke to both parties involved and was specifically told that once the debt was paid to XXXX i would have this account removed from my credit report. But, instead, in order to shoo me off and shut me up AFNI, INC. sent me a BOGUS recipe through your portal dated XX/XX/2015. starting that my debt was resolved and that it would be updated with the bureaus. Well this is WRONg, my debt was resolves a longs time ago with XXXX, i never receive a payment slip or anything from AFNI , INC ad they have no right to hold my credit report hostage anymore. If their employees are liars and they are scamming me out of money and saying whatever they think i was n’t to hear just so they get my money and then refusing me what they promised then i would like their to be a record of their lies and cheating. I will not stop until they removed this account from my files with the bureaus completely. Their account is riddled with misinformation and because they have SIGNIFICANTLY violated CFPB laws i require that they remove this account immediately. I will not suffer because of them anymore. Already they harassed me and abused me over the cell phone with their robotic messengers and they forced me to pay to delete, though i had informed everyone that i was a victim of statement theft and identity theft. I can not believe these people. they forge documents and send them through your federal database and pretend that they follow the law and that they are a legitimate company but they are NOT! They are liars and sneaky and aggressive and they forge paper work and do not validate or verify any forwarded information! As a victim of identity theft and mail fraud i should NOT have to suffer! XXXX is also at fault here, obviously they did not communicate this withe their ” vendors ” who abusively collect on their behalf. They all should have know that this should NEVER have been sent to collection. Then to lie to me and say pay it so it goes away, well where? LET IT BE REMOVED or I WILL PURSUE LITIGATION! I

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