Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XX/XX/XXXX I signed a six month agreement with XXXX. I signed the lease over from another person. The apartment complex agreed that I would live in the property from XXXX XXXX until XXXX XXXX. In XX/XX/XXXX when I went to turn in my keys management told me that I owed rent up until XXXX XXXX. They said that they would not try to find anyone else. Even if I found someone else they wanted me to still pay the next six months, which is illegal. They told me that If I did n’t pay the next six months rent right then, they would turn it over to collections. I set up a meeting with management to try and discuss some alternatives. They kept giving me the run around and ignoring my calls and emails. A few weeks later I received a collection notice from Pro Collect for over {$3000.00} dollars which included huge fees for cleaning a tub and lost keys ( which I turned in ) and unpaid rent. I was only obligated to stay in the property for six months, and regardless it ‘s illegal for a landlord to not mitigate their damages. They sent my account over to collections for six months accelerated rent three weeks after I moved out of the property. This is illegal! They ignored all my calls and attempts to work something out, they told me to pay up the next six months rent or they would send it to collections right away. They intentionally ruined my credit without making any attempts to mitigate their damages which the law requires. When I contacted Pro Collect through a written letter, and called showing evidence of this unfair charge they told me to sue XXXX. They admitted that I was right about the landlord ‘s duty to mitigate their damages, however if I wanted this off my credit I would have to sue the apartment complex, and that would cost me more than paying the {$3000.00} that they were attempting to collect. They also advised me that disputing this charge would hurt my credit. I later called back to try and get more explanation on how it was legally to try and collect when they broke the law, the lady said she was n’t there to argue with me and proceeded to end the phone call. They refuse to remove this from my credit, even though legally the apartment complex broke the law.

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