Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was late XXXX night XX/XX/XXXX and saw XXXX XXXX XXXX for Profits. I was desperate, worried about my family and how we would survive.I was XXXX for a year at this point.
I sent for the book, which was supposed to be {$19.00} + {$9.00} s+h. When the book arrived it was XXXX. When my wife was checking the bank statement she saw several withdrawals for varying amounts, ranging from {$29.00} to {$69.00}. From different companies named XXXX which was the {$39.00}, XXXX {$29.00}, XXXX {$190.00} and XXXX for {$310.00}. for a total of {$580.00}. My wife contacted them and the response was ” oops we made an error ”. XXXX XXXX ‘s ” team, were relentless with constantly calling and harassing him to buy more and more! I put the phone on speaker to hear them and the man told me, you need to support your husband?
I said nope not in this scam I asked them not to call again.
My wife will continue from here. They kept needling away at him! The tried to convince him to spend more and more money. The bank was charged {$160.00} We tried to contact XXXX billing without fail to beg them not to give XXXX XXXX a dime, it was a scam! We were never able to reach XXXX. No answer, no callbacks to any messages left! If you look at the loan docs you will see.
Our rent is listed as XXXX. Our residency started on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. Our previous address started from XXXX/XXXX/XXXX to XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. His job number is listed as XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. Deny it XXXX, we have the ” contract ”.
He was out of work due to illness. Our credit was shot because of extremely limited income because of health.
He was never informed about any ” electronic signature ” He had given his bank card for the purchase of the book and that is what they had access to.
They were draining our bank acct. When I went over ” the contract ” the emailed him. I went over it with a fine tooth comb and saw there was three days to cancel.
We tried for those three days and could not reach anyone and no call backs. I went to our bank and explained everything.
They were able to put back all but the {$190.00} in the acct because it was past the time frame. I did n’t know, we were trying to deal with it on our own, well I was.
They had XXXX launch an investigation and XXXX found it was an error or unauthorized transaction occurred and the refund stayed.
Meanwhile, they kept hounding him, and once they got the funds from XXXX Billing all contact stopped.
He figured well if they got money that he will have to pay back, he might as well reach them and try to get something from them. He repeatedly called, left messages and no call backs.
When he finally did reach someone, the response was ” oh no one contacted you? I assure you I will make sure that someone calls you!.
The first email from them was XX/XX/XXXX and the absolute last correspondence from them was XX/XX/XXXX. ( just found out they also go by XXXX and they were relentless in their contact, rude, unprofessional and I painstakingly explained everything to the man who called and all he could get from the conversation was ” Oh so you not paying this debt? ” I said no it is not cut and dry like that.
I asked for an address to send all the documentation. He gave me an address where I sent the priority mail to which it was said to be undeliverable! The post office sent it again for free for me and again it was returned.
He gave me another address and the package was never returned!. I begged them to take us to court XXXX we could stand before a judge with all our proof … .and they stopped sending any correspondences to us but it remains on his credit report! And the fees keep adding up. I have contacted in XXXX since the beginning and all I was told is that we are in receipt of your complaint and nothing else! I filed again with the FTC, XXXX and the State Attorney General ‘s office begging for help here.

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