Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

After fighting this twice already with another collection agencies ( XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX XXXX ) and the originator ( XXXX ). And threatening legal action against all for falsely pursing me, along with ignoring my proof that it was n’t my debt. It stopped both times … now again, after six months, another debt collecting agency is reporting the same debt on my credit report ( AARGON Collection Agen ).

XXXX XXXX … I departed XXXX, Colorado on MILITARY orders for XXXX Prior to my departure I removed my name from the account according to the customer service representative who assist myself and my ex-wife in their local office.
XXXX XXXX … I noticed the collection account on my credit report … and through military legal assistance, this web site, they finally removed the collection account. Part of the processes I went through was submitting signed letters to cease and desist any and all future contact/collection attempts. along with proof of my departure and my new utilites/staements in korea. As it is documented here, that did n’t happen immediately, and is now continuing.
EVEN IF THEY ca n’t find records of me removing my name from the account … .. XXXX went into a completely SEPARATE agreement with my ex-wife that had NOTHING to do with the ” normal ” operation of the utilities. I found this out after the fact ( trying to figure out how it was even allowed to reach the extremely high amount it reached, they normally shut it off for non payment after XXXX missed months ). While I was XXXX to XXXX, the ex-wife contacted them ( when they turned off the utilities after she quit paying them ). YES, she paid them at the beginning from her INDIVIDUAL account. She then had to submit a packet showing her INDIVIDUAL income along with a letter of reason for an extension to keep the utilities turned on. EVEN in the letter she states that we were no longer together and her income was minimal. SO she was awarded the extension based upon HER INCOME AND LETTER! … ..
Now they are illegally pursuing me ( according my my legal office ) since I can prove my departure on military orders, along with them going into a separate agreement with her on her own.

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