Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was issued a credit due to me by XXXX the refund was sent to a closed Sears cc account. Instead of returning the funds to the issuing company so that they could send me a check, Sears CC sent the funds to a collection agency that they had sold the discharged debt to, XXXX. The debt sold to XXXX was discharged in a bankruptcy in XXXX of XXXX. The issuer of funds and I were shocked. We got the run around for a while. Several calls into the hunt, we were able to find that a collection agency company called XXXX has the money. They stated in XXXX way call to myself and XXXX at XXXX that they were able to keep bankruptcy discharged money because I volunteered to give it to them and they did n’t ask for it. I explained that I never sent it to them and it was not ok with me. I asked who the other companies were that I was routed through in tracking down the money and got the following run down.
Sears sold the debt to XXXX, who is managed by XXXX XXXX and that they are all under the umbrella of XXXX XXXX. The debt was skid on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. I did n’t really know what all that meant so I am including Sears and all of other company ‘s names included as I am not sure which ones are considered collection agencies! Sears sold the debt to the collection agency the same month it was discharged, well after they were notified of the bankruptcy. I am including a copy proof of the discharge and the Sears account numbers and balances that they collected in XXXX of XXXX.

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